Tour de France 2016: Stages 8-14

Stage 8:

Monday Morning DS: New respect for Froome for smacking the fuck out of that fat banana looking dude.

Stage 9:

Monday Morning DS: If Dan Martin ate Chris Froome, he'd still be skinnier than Sagan.

Stage 10:

Monday Morning DS: Sagan gonna Sagan.

Stage 11:

Monday Morning DS: "Shit happens, at least I didn't get beaten, that's the positive we can take home." That's a real Cav quote from today. Translation, "bro, at least I didn't lose."

Stage 12:

Monday Morning DS: Sidi gonna start making running shoes now.

stage 12

Stage 13:

Monday Morning DS: Cancellara lost to Quintana. Def time to hang it up.

Stage 14:

Monday Morning DS: Kittel, that fat fuck.

Tour de France 2016: Stages 1-7

If you don't follow me on Instagram, I've been making collage postcards for every stage of the Tour, combined with commentary from the infamous Monday Morning DS. Here's the first week, in full!

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Monday Morning DS: Yo, Sagan finally won something.

Stage 3:

Monday Morning DS: Kittel? Fuck Kittel. Only thing Kittel is going to win is another year in Shimano shoes.

Stage 4:

Monday Morning DS: Wow Kittel won. Wowowowowow. Must be 'cause he's on Sidis now.

Stage 5:

Monday Morning DS: You'd think Greg Van Avermaet would fix his shitty fucking teeth.

Stage 6:

Monday Morning DS: Goddamn, Nike, sell me those fucking shoes already!

Stage 7:

Monday Morning DS: Did Nibali even train for this Tour?