It started, like most things should, at a bike shop.

An offer to trade a handmade cycling cap for a handprinted t-shirt, a coincidental trip already planned to New York City from Boston, and a recommended bike shop. A little luck, too, and two cups of good espresso. And an idea was born.

Three weeks of agonizing, sighing, and bickering between near perfect strangers and we had a name:


Three weeks more and here it is. A joint venture between Mike Spriggs of Gage & Desoto and myself. Two co-conspirators with an unhealthy obsession with cycling and Phil’s grease. And style. Always style.

No wonder a proposal to design one t-shirt together grew into four designs, then a new website, then a new line. We're even focusing on the girls. Because one can never have enough t-shirts.

Check it out here. Because you know you want one.

the hat project

It started in July 2008.

I was mid-full-swing into a delirious crush with cycling but was itching to get back to sewing and designing after a year of law school. Cycling caps seemed to be the obvious initial project, but hesitant about trying to sell them outright, I ended up giving them away, leaving them on random bikes, hoping people would get in touch.

No one did, but I ended up, after numerous alterations, with a product I was happy with. And when I started to make “Boston” hats, Cambridge Bicycle got in touch. A few months later, NYC Velo did the same. Both are keeping me busy, pushing the pedal of my sewing machine between rides and other things bike.

As are the friends I’ve made who are equally addicted to cycling.

But less than a year later, I found myself doing more sewing than riding, more stressing than sweating on rollers.

So while this project initially started with an invitation for a barter for a cycling cap, it’s evolved into a different animal. That’s not to say I’ve stopped making cycling caps; not at all. You can still find my hats at Cambridge Bicycle and NYC Velo. I’m also working on the occasional commission, mostly because this kind of work is what really makes me happy.

I hope you like what you see and read around here. If you’d like to commission something, feel free to get in touch. Be forewarned though, that you may have to make your case [would you expect otherwise from a law student?] and that this kind of work takes hours. Hours that I currently have to squeeze in between books and the bicycles that keep me sane.

But bicycle people help keep me sane, too. Give me a project and the freedom to unleash my own ideas and you just might have a one-of-a-kind cycling cap headed your way…