internet famous!

Okay, yeah, it's out now. I'm coming out of the closet.
Sure I let people see pictures of my feet and I even went so far as to make a very identifiable bag. But I never posted anything that would really identify me...until now.

It's on the internets, as the Boston Globe was at the last Boldsprints I went to. I'm not sure how I feel about coming out - it's a little scary...but hey, for someone that slid down Mass Ave on her butt to get to the Middlesex, I don't look so bad, right?

a bold[sprints] adventure

Having gotten my polo fix earlier this week, and today being a holiday, I was on the look-out for some weekend bike-related goodness.
Thank God for Boldsprints!
It was snowing as I left for Cambridge, and it felt like I was getting facial acupuncture as I pedaled. And then nature and gravity decided to show me that my conviction that "I have a 'cross bike so therefore I can bike over/through anything" was just totally wrong. Good thing I wasn't with anyone though, as sliding down Mass Ave on my ass is one of my less charming moments.
I made it to the Middlesex, though, in one slushy piece. Hats were delivered, old faces seen, new ones met, and [some of a] beer consumed. And while 'Sprints didn't happen due to some impossibly difficult technical problem, fun times were had.

Until, of course, I was faced with the choice of pedaling home in the snow. With the roads not that plowed, fate seemed to imply that I would either be walking it or sliding home on one buttcheek.
But lucky for me, a friend offered me a ride home...if I biked to his house/car in Somerville. There was walking involved, but I'd like to think much less sliding.

Then a whole other adventure ensued in which the guy who was parked behind my friend wouldn't wake up but we could hear the TV on. Oh, and sliding sideways down the hills of Somerville when we finally got on the road. But of course, it was well worth it.
So...when is the next Boldsprints, again?

snow party

snow bike

(Apologies for the blurry picture...)
I lost my [riding fixed in the snow] virginity yesterday.
And like most good things, I'm totally hooked on biking in this snow. Sure, I did it last year on a freewheel but this is a whole new level of awesome.
To make today even better, Open is having another Boldsprints & party event.
I can't wait - the perfect event to let me stay up all night before I fly home to Tokyo. Which is why the store will be closed for a while; but I'm coming back with more hats and a few more tricks...stay tuned!

poker face

joker 1

I'm terrible at poker.
I think the last time I played, the best hand I had was a pair of 2s. I folded almost instantaneously.
And while I tend to play my hand close to my chest when it comes to life in general, I ironically cannot keep a straight poker face.
So it was with a stupidly happy smile on my face that I met Joshua and Zack of Open Bicycle a few nights ago at Herrell's in Allston. I handed over to them my first full custom job for the Royal Flush Pokercat & Boldsprints event this Sunday. I was so excited, I even did a fair share of giggling.
And while the cards are stacked against my attending this event - a fact that I've been upset about all week - this is going to be awesome. Not only because one of my hats will be a prize, but who can really turn down 100 free burritos at 10pm after an alleycat, boldsprints, and a few beers?

[And with the exception of a particular law student with an Environmental Law final from hell on Monday,] no one, that's who.

joker 2

joker 4

joker 3


boldsprints 3

While I've never been masochistic enough to get on a pair of rollers, head to head with another person, and pedal like crazy for one full minute, I still feel an obligation to contribute/reward those who choose to engage in such behavior.

Which is why two s*class hats will be given to the top male and top female racers tonight at the Boldsprints event.

Want a hat for free? Check out All Asia from 7pm tonight!

boldsprints 1

boldsprints 2