new hat fabric

I passed a chipmunk the today that had been perfectly smushed against the pavement. Well, I passed it a few days in a row now (it's on my commute) and as gross as it is, I still tend to pass right by it. And I look at it. Like every day.

Okay, I'm definitely not going to pick it up and play with it, but somehow, I can't seem to tear my eyes away from that little striped back that's plastered onto the asphalt.

I've kind of developed the same kind of relationship with my mailbox lately. It only seems to bring disappointment; I actually preferred it when it was empty or full of junk mail. Still, I consistently find myself nearly running to check what might be in store in that little metal box every single goddamn day.

It did yield some presents though, in the form of fabric destined for hats. Thank my Mom; these are going to make some sweet hats!