cookie monster mascot

Believe it or not, I've sort of been trying to avoid cookies. Or, eating cookies, rather.
I haven't gone so far as to give them up for Lent, but a desire to lose the winter weight has me sort of watching what I eat. Sort of. Because after my first hour-long ride [perhaps ever, because I can't really remember the last time I've done that], I'll drop by IBC partially for some promised cookies.
And not just any cookies, but the hotly discussed [at least at IBC] Newman O's. Oreo's cousin if it was organic and actually tasted like real food. I ate four. Yeah, four. Because when delicious cookies come in a huge ziplock bag and are tucked away at a bike mechanic's work station, well, they become that much more irresistible.



The strategic placement of those cookies meant that I was standing behind the counter, in biker gear and almost looking like I knew what I was doing. When customers came in, and all the actual employees were busy, I consequently looked like the lazy douchebag employee who refused to ask the obligatory "How can I help you today?"
Chris later came up with the idea that [given the fact that I can't work at IBC even though he insists on telling me I should every single time I see him] I should just tell people I'm the IBC mascot. Thus, I'm required to hang out and represent IBC, but am completely unable to actually help out any customers.


I like that idea. That means I can hang out endlessly and watch my friends work/ride my bike around the store/fix stuff [note that Chris looks like he's on a mini bike because he's about a foot taller than me]. Just when I was getting a little sad that soon [after the completion of my new bike], I may not have an excuse to drop by IBC "to see my new bike/take a look at the new part that came in/pay Erich," I now have a reason to perpetually hang out. Behind the counter, even!
But only if cookies are supplied. Oh, and don't forget the [good] energy bars!
[If you're in the Boston area, come out to the Middlesex tonight to celebrate the publication of Volume 3 of Embrocation Cycling Journal!]

bike[s] boy[s] birthday[s]

Facebook tells me three of my friends are turning a year older today. Oddly enough [because I wasn't into bikes at all until a little over a year ago], all of them ride bikes.
There's the OCR 2, the Schwinn [plus wrecked road bike], and a fixed conversion...I mean Mark, Dan, and Jones.
And presents/hats/cookies to be given/sent/made. I know, I'm slacking...I've only been able to give presents to two out of the three; and I've known the one that's not getting anything [yet!] the longest.
And he reads this blog! But there will be a hat coming your way, Jones, this summer, and maybe even those Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies [still bookmarked for when you, Lauren, and I are running our bike shop/vintage store/bakery/cafe...or when we hang out again...or when you guys get married (!!!), whichever happens first]. I also sent Lauren a good amount of Herrell's hot fudge, so don't let her tell you any different. I'm sure I'll hear you guys fighting over exactly who finished the last of it, too.


I'm also delivering a giant cookie to Mark - one of the smartest and nicest kids I know. He's just become the Managing Editor of the Boston College Law Review [congrats!!!], and [voluntarily] sits next to me in Con Law, despite the fact that he's probably afraid my stupid is going to rub off on him. Get that brake fixed, dude, so we can go on rides. And by "go on rides" I mean we can start off together but you'll drop me faster than Britney got rid of her kids.
Dan already got cookies. But his band's playing a show tonight at O'Brien's. You should go.
Happy Birthday, guys...and I just realized...why haven't I gone on rides with any of you yet?!

red light means go

A predicted high of 45F today - yay for warm weather!
Yeah, I never thought I'd think 45F = "warm" but I'm so ready to peel off my Underarmour and fold it away until November. Snow isn't even pretty anymore, just slightly annoying. The gross brown heaps that it eventually turns into [and then gross brown water that cars like to splatter at me] doesn't really help make Boston winters any more appealing.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for deferred gratification...just only when it applies to a goal that I can actually see. Desperately hoping for nicer weather that doesn't involve shards of ice flying in my face, enough layers to make me feel like I'm in a fat suit, and that embarrassing fogging up of my glasses whenever I enter a warmer getting old.


I'm trying to be optimistic though; and even with all the snow yesterday, by early evening it was clear out. The lights strung up on the trees along Comm Ave were cute and pretty enough for even my beer soaked self to appreciate. I didn't get a picture though [I know, I really should have!], probably because I had no idea what I was doing at that point.
I ended up praying for a red light on my way home, hoping for an excuse to stop. I only hit one, and by the time I stumbled into my apartment, my face looked like a tiki torch.
I think I might have to train a little more for the beers + bikes shenanigans I'm mentally planning for the summer...


I have a slight obsession with tupperware.
It kind of goes well with my OCD and my need to at least have the opportunity to compartmentalize everything into its own discrete space. Even if that never really happens because I'm incredibly lazy.
And because I'm lazy, I'm going to steal an idea from Iban, who has blog that makes me not only want to lick my screen, but also press my face against it, while drool dribbles down my chin.
He rides and builds bikes, obviously, but he also bakes sourdough - and for the bread purist in me, that's enough to make me want to move to Barcelona.
So, "inspired" by Iban [although, let's admit it that I'm just copying him], here is my lunchbox:

Okay, it's just a turkey sandwich, a sliced apple, and peanut butter crackers to get me through the day. Not very exciting, I know. But the coolest part about my lunchbox is not so much the lunch itself, as the box:

It folds up flat when I'm done, which means that I have a couple inches of extra space in my bag at the end of the day.

Cool, right? It even has Hello Kitty on it! I know, this is going to drive every reader insane with jealousy!
And because, as I mentioned before, I'm lazy, I'd even consider giving it away. But only if you can find me a boy that rides bikes and bakes [good] sourdough, in Boston.