Cookies 'n Creed

Inspired by Sam Smith's latest Acro Velo, I wanted to draw Mike Creed but had no idea what to draw him in. Sam offered to do some covert ops which went something like this:

Sam: Hmmm I know he loves kombucha but I don't know how that would work. Want me to ask him? I won't tell him why I'm asking.

Me: Sure that would be awesome!

Sam: He said that enough?

Me: ...Thai? What about like, snack food?

Sam: He just said "cookies." And then didn't respond when I asked what kind. 

Me: Ahahahahaha oh man, he sounds so awesome. 

So cookies it was! And I highly recommend all of Sam's Acro Velo videos; the first one with Mike Creed is pretty great

Cyclist/DS: Michael Creed

Materials used: crushed cookies

bike[s] boy[s] birthday[s]

Facebook tells me three of my friends are turning a year older today. Oddly enough [because I wasn't into bikes at all until a little over a year ago], all of them ride bikes.
There's the OCR 2, the Schwinn [plus wrecked road bike], and a fixed conversion...I mean Mark, Dan, and Jones.
And presents/hats/cookies to be given/sent/made. I know, I'm slacking...I've only been able to give presents to two out of the three; and I've known the one that's not getting anything [yet!] the longest.
And he reads this blog! But there will be a hat coming your way, Jones, this summer, and maybe even those Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies [still bookmarked for when you, Lauren, and I are running our bike shop/vintage store/bakery/cafe...or when we hang out again...or when you guys get married (!!!), whichever happens first]. I also sent Lauren a good amount of Herrell's hot fudge, so don't let her tell you any different. I'm sure I'll hear you guys fighting over exactly who finished the last of it, too.


I'm also delivering a giant cookie to Mark - one of the smartest and nicest kids I know. He's just become the Managing Editor of the Boston College Law Review [congrats!!!], and [voluntarily] sits next to me in Con Law, despite the fact that he's probably afraid my stupid is going to rub off on him. Get that brake fixed, dude, so we can go on rides. And by "go on rides" I mean we can start off together but you'll drop me faster than Britney got rid of her kids.
Dan already got cookies. But his band's playing a show tonight at O'Brien's. You should go.
Happy Birthday, guys...and I just realized...why haven't I gone on rides with any of you yet?!