I have a slight obsession with tupperware.
It kind of goes well with my OCD and my need to at least have the opportunity to compartmentalize everything into its own discrete space. Even if that never really happens because I'm incredibly lazy.
And because I'm lazy, I'm going to steal an idea from Iban, who has blog that makes me not only want to lick my screen, but also press my face against it, while drool dribbles down my chin.
He rides and builds bikes, obviously, but he also bakes sourdough - and for the bread purist in me, that's enough to make me want to move to Barcelona.
So, "inspired" by Iban [although, let's admit it that I'm just copying him], here is my lunchbox:

Okay, it's just a turkey sandwich, a sliced apple, and peanut butter crackers to get me through the day. Not very exciting, I know. But the coolest part about my lunchbox is not so much the lunch itself, as the box:

It folds up flat when I'm done, which means that I have a couple inches of extra space in my bag at the end of the day.

Cool, right? It even has Hello Kitty on it! I know, this is going to drive every reader insane with jealousy!
And because, as I mentioned before, I'm lazy, I'd even consider giving it away. But only if you can find me a boy that rides bikes and bakes [good] sourdough, in Boston.