Bike Fridays

block ticket nyc

One reason why I hate public transportation. Or more accurately, one reason I need a bike friday.

And while even my own mental image of myself riding around on a folding bike is absurd, I still would have rocked that thing all over NYC yesterday when, after waiting 10-15 minutes for the 6 train, the metro employee decided to tell a handful of those who asked that the 6 "wasn't running."

(At least I got to go to the Museum of Sex.)

Which brings me to Bike Friday. The one in Beantown that started at the masochistic hour of "before 7am" and promised a police escort to government center. And free breakfast.

It was probably the latter that had me shooting down my usual commute to work to meet up with a convoy in the sticky heat. It was totally worth it. The police made corkscrews at every intersection, and for once, I rode in without anyone trying to kill me, honking at me to move into the door zone of parked cars, or feeling the need to race that one guy who thinks he's faster than me but isn't.

And, you know, there was free breakfast.

Hopefully I'll be leaving hats around at the next one...