dirty water

The only thing I hate about my favorite coffee shop is that it's apparently everyone else's favorite coffee shop as well.
This means that, being oblivious, I end up choosing the table next to a couple on their first date. And even though I pretended [unsuccessfully] to be engrossed in a few law review articles, I was really just [blatantly, yet uncomfortably] eavesdropping.
The girl talked about how much she loved shopping, how "it's great to be young and a girl," and how she couldn't stand wearing jeans and sneakers because people would never take you seriously when you dress that way.
I mostly did not agree with anything she said. Mostly because I was wearing jeans and sneakers.
But not just any pair of sneakers; I was wearing my [beloved] Chucks. In Boston! In February! Because it was in the 40s yesterday [about 4C]!!!
That's my excuse for not posting anything this weekend. I was too busy biking around town, sipping coffee in various places, and stopping into therapy.

The roads are kind of gross [to be fair these pictures were taken in Allston], but at least those giant piles of snow are finally melting. And after biking from one coffee shop to another, I got a[n appropriately] dirty chai latte at Starbucks for $3, the shot of espresso being on the house.

On second thought, maybe it is great to be young and a girl.