unfinished business

unfinished bike hat

You know when you start hooking up with someone who is clearly psychotic and who keeps trying to rip your balls off but you keep going back for more? And you tell yourself that it's because the sex is so awesome or because she's so hot and you probably couldn't do better and all your friends are jealous of you? Until you realize that you don't actually think she's that hot anymore and you're sick of disinfecting the bite marks she leaves on you?

That's kind of what I'm beginning to think this project might be. Some misguided project in complete masochism.

It could just be my OCD though. I have no idea what happened to that hat I left last night at the Otherside. Which kind of bothers me.

But I have more. People seem to want Boston bike hats. Okay. But where do you people even park your bikes?