the first drop off

first hat drop off

You people need to stop moving.

Start parking your bikes and stop watching them. Stop coming out of buildings right when I pass your bike with this brown paper bag in my sweaty hands. Stop not hanging out at all the places you usually hang out at but chose not to hang out at today.

Come on. Were all my paranoid fears of being u-lock-whipped because while I was trying to leave this on a bike and someone thought I was fucking with their ride totally unfounded? Were the liquid poop inducing thoughts of getting beaten to a pulp by a bunch of cyclists because they think I was trying to scratch their bikes completely crazy?

So the hat wasn't left by the court house (where this picture was taken). A (unlucky?) messenger rolled out just as I got there. Espresso Royale was completely deserted.

The Otherside Cafe wasn't. So the owner of a black bike with a Revolution Bicycles head badge and orange deep Vs got this one.

More people need to leave their pretty bikes completely unattended.