april selection

It's been a pretty unbelievable month. Other than the fact that I'll be swaggering for the rest of the year [at least!], here are a few favorites from April...
- This month's contribution from Josh: BarBumps. Prepare for LOLZ. [via Bike Rumor]

- Past loves: Bernie being predictably charming, while playing the Air Attack bongos. [via Cycling Inquisition]

- Current crushes: This picture of Adam Hansen taken by Kei Tsuji at the Tour of Turkey.

- Speaking of sexy, the paint job on this Firefly that looks like it was a collaboration with Christian Louboutin.

- Greipel's back-to-back wins at the Tour of Turkey and taking the points jersey. [Look at those legs! Juuuuicy!] [photo via Steephill.tv]

- And if you're missing CX, apparently this is the new thing in American CX courses...watch out, Tim looks like he's getting pretty good at it! [photo by Dave Chiu]

And now, onto the Giro!
[P.S. Did anyone else catch the MTN-Qhubeka guy getting hit by his own team car in Tour of Turkey?]

TJROW ver. 3.0

I am bookending the week with another favorite pro cyclist. Tim Johnson and crew left Boston yesterday on the first leg of their 525 mile trip to Washington, D.C. to raise money and awareness for peopleforbikes.org. It's a great cause, and if you live along the route, you are obligated to go heckle Chan.

There should be lots of Tweeting and blogging. Oh, and you should donate, too.
Have fun guys! Miss you!