april selection

It's been a pretty unbelievable month. Other than the fact that I'll be swaggering for the rest of the year [at least!], here are a few favorites from April...
- This month's contribution from Josh: BarBumps. Prepare for LOLZ. [via Bike Rumor]

- Past loves: Bernie being predictably charming, while playing the Air Attack bongos. [via Cycling Inquisition]

- Current crushes: This picture of Adam Hansen taken by Kei Tsuji at the Tour of Turkey.

- Speaking of sexy, the paint job on this Firefly that looks like it was a collaboration with Christian Louboutin.

- Greipel's back-to-back wins at the Tour of Turkey and taking the points jersey. [Look at those legs! Juuuuicy!] [photo via Steephill.tv]

- And if you're missing CX, apparently this is the new thing in American CX courses...watch out, Tim looks like he's getting pretty good at it! [photo by Dave Chiu]

And now, onto the Giro!
[P.S. Did anyone else catch the MTN-Qhubeka guy getting hit by his own team car in Tour of Turkey?]