setting up shop

setting up shop

I don't deal well with public speaking. I'd really rather write the speech and have another person deliver it, take all the credit, and rise to fame/be promoted/be applauded.

That's one reason why I started giving these hats away for free. I figured no one would part with money for these, even if each one I gave away was important to me. And even when I did give them away, with the exception of Boston Biker and What I Think, I didn't get one response, one picture, one email.

It's ironic, then, that just as I decided to set up shop, that people actually expressed interest in them. I've gotten requests for custom jobs, offers of a barter exchange of sorts, and straight up "I'll buy one"s.

Thanks to Boston Biker, I'm now able to officially offer my hats online. Click on the pictures for more details and to order - I'll be charging $20 for a posted hat and $25 for custom jobs (plus shipping). Custom jobs will depend on the fabric I have available and I'll be making a "fabrics" page specifically for people who want to pick and choose.

Thanks for checking the site and feel free to look around, tell your friends, or give me feedback on any of these hats. Want more Boston hats? Want more black hats? Just drop me an email.