the embrocation card

There's something to be said for playing your cards well.
But I never really understood girls who consistently choose to play the sex card.
Maybe my own hedonistic desires get in the way of prolonging petty arguments. Maybe I don't want to sit and wait until "lack of play" gets a boyfriend begging for forgiveness. Maybe I don't like the power-tripping that's involved in all that.
So, apologies. I'm withholding posts about the past weekend where couriers invaded Boston, and NACCC was in full effect in this fair city. I'm withholding it for a reason, though, and a good one.
Embrocation Cycling Journal has a new site. And I'm a bi-weekly contributor.


Every other Monday, I'll be posting on Embrocation Cycling Journal. And every other Monday, on this site, you'll see a drawing instead of the usual photographs. And more often than every other Monday you should go check out Embrocation; because with some seriously good writers contributing new material every day of the week, this is porn for people who love bicycles and reading about how they consistently change and shape our various lives.
Don't worry, it's only for a day. Which is why I'm not really playing the sex blog card. And you can still get your fix; just in another place. Just, you know, make sure to come back once in a while, even with all those heavy-hitters churning out addictive content.
Because you know you love the action you get around here. Even if it's only from me.
[Now go read my real post.]