throwing chains

Dear Old Woman in the White Sedan,
I understand you're old and there's not much in life to make you happy anymore. I also understand your time behind that steering wheel is extremely limited, and that you'd rather drive over people than consider slowing down.
But when I throw my chain, and skid to a startled stop because I have no idea what just happened, don't nearly run me over because you were tailgating me.

It also makes you look like a giant bitch when you stop there, honking your horn, when you could easily back up and drive around me. Okay, maybe you couldn't back up because your fender was touching my rear wheel and there was a car behind you. But honking at me just motivates me to flip you the bird, especially when I'm only occupying about 2ft of the side of the road.
If it gives you any satisfaction though, you scared the shit out of me when I felt your fender pushing my bike. You should also have been scared. Mostly because you might have killed me. But I'm sure you couldn't really give a shit.
Thanks again, for being an inconsiderate bitch! I hope you burn in hell!
Love, Me