I just got home.
Annnddd I'm still a little bit tipsy.
I know, it's actually surprising because I never drink during the week. Or rarely. It's been a long week though - and I know, it's not even over yet. But, today was more than just looking forward to Friday to look forward to the weekend. Surprise, surprise.
Stressed out and not being able to look at any more tax law [we've had consecutive make-up classes two weeks in a row so it feels like I have that class], I took off after Evidence to a small coffee shop/cafe/pie bakery appropriately called Pie Bakery and Cafe in Newton Centre.

It was pretty empty, but as I sat down, I realized the last time I had been here was about six months ago. Almost exactly. I was sitting across from a friend, biting back the temptation to bawl my eyes out in public as I tried to explain to a friend why exactly I had been dumped the day before [hey, he was the one that was asking...out of concern, mind you, but I couldn't exactly answer the question in any kind of logical, rational way].
As depressing memories came back to me, I noticed I had voice mail [I don't get reception at school so I was late noticing it]. Turns out, it was my therapist/prince in shining armor/favorite bike shop calling me about my pink chain - it's in the Brighton store, ready to be picked up!
My mood definitely on the better side, I headed to the liquor store. Yes, I understand that makes me sound like a crazy drunk. But I was picking up a case of beer for a friend; we had journal elections today and we were going to do our utmost to get trashed while voting for each other. I discovered, much to my delight, that a whole case of Harpoon beer [the sampler pack] will fit into my small Baileyworks bag. With an Evidence book in it. Baller.

I came home to find another surprise waiting for me too. But that's for tomorrow. I'm worn out after the voting, the pizza, the beer, and even giving a short speech that essentially said "vote for me for this position." I got it. I'm happy. The ride home was fast and warm.
I'm starting to like surprises.