a pro, 38mm bars, and some cock grease

Josh, who makes a regular appearance on this blog, happens to be not only a Photoshop master, but also one of my oldest friends. We actually haven't hung out in real life in basically forever, but given the below, I'm pretty sure he would be the best wingman, EVER.
Josh‬: yo‬ adam emailed me back ‪me‬: NO FUCKING QAYA‬ alkfjdal ‪Josh‬: hahahahah‬ panty change time ‪me‬: F U ‬ OPMG OMG OMG ‪omg so jealous‬ ‪Josh‬: haha‬ ‪me‬: BEST MONDAY EVAR‬ ‪Josh‬: hahahah‬

‪me‬: WE RIDE THE SAME SIZE BARS‬ IT'S MEANT TO BE [also I like how Adam Hansen's saddle to bar drop is bigger than my crank length...] ‪me‬: seriously WHY AREN'T I MARRIED TO A PRO CYCLIST BY NOW? because, think about it i can make decent money i'm totally okay with working for a living i like bikes i'm not THAT crazy ‪Josh: hahahha‬ ‪me‬: the pro peloton should be chasing after me ‪Josh‬: cause pro cyclists‬ meet their girls in their hometown not at a race except for hincapie ‪me‬: hey hamilton didn't neither did lance see i have a chance just not with this [Skrillex meets Hitler] haircut

[But without this haircut, I probably wouldn't have discovered this. And yes, it does "keep it up all day."]


I can die happy.