Copyediting Trolls: Cyclingnews' "Tour of Utah: Dombrowski takes stage 6 victory and yellow jersey at Snowbird"

In the past year or so, I've become increasingly convinced that cycling news websites are either trolling us, or the articles are clever job listings for copyediting positions. First it was the typos, then the riders listed as belonging to the wrong teams. They're just testing our intelligence, I'd thought. Then it started to get worse; lazy, even. Subjects, verbs, and pronouns would be inconsistent in the same sentence. One particular writer seemed determined to suffocate her readers with her rambling, run-on sentences. Despite it all, I made excuses for them. They're on deadlines, I reasoned, typos are inevitable even if other news publications seem to keep them to a minimum. Cycling journalism was, afterall, an industry I would have happily, gladly plunged into. 

Yesterday, I saw this (highlights mine):

The article in question also predictably confuses "to" and "too" (see below) - an elementary mistake that no professional writer should make, but one that's unfortunately rather common in nonprofessional writing. 

But "to" and "TWO"???

And did Joe Dombrowski really mean to say "Ben can really rill it..." or did he mean that Ben can really kill it?

Dear God, Cyclingnews, get it together.