I'm not gonna lie, I used to love that show.
Long after I stopped watching it, and after learning how to fully appreciate alcohol, I'd sometimes wishfully long for my own KITT as I stumbled into that infamous McDonald's in downtown Tokyo at 4am to wait until the trains started to run again. A car that would not only talk to you and advise you against bad ideas, but also come to your rescue? The idea of KITT still makes me wish I knew how to drive.
As the days turn warmer and longer, I ironically find myself wishing I had a car and the requisite knowledge to operate it. For the next few weeks I'm looking at very little riding, and a lot more late nights in the library. Until now, I had managed to escape the library in time for dinner at home; I left last night well after it was dark.



The good part is that there are fewer anxious drivers eager to get home and drive you over in the process. The bad part is that after 10+ hours in front of a computer, I can barely see, much less see in the dark. Add to that my simple desire to just zone out and I tended to forget that my feet were attached to my pedals. Despite my fears that the freewheel I'm on is going to make me both lazy and weak, I was grateful for the ability to sit on my bike and do nothing for once.


I'm already missing the sweat-drenched long rides home and the burning exhaustion in my thighs when I manage to finally limp through my door. The bright sun shining through classroom windows are an absolute tease and the warmer weather has me daydreaming of the all the riding I'll be able to do once finals are over.
Until then, I suppose I should learn how to use those rollers.

excuses, excuses

what i’ve been doing

This is what I've been doing lately.

I've been buried under piles and piles of papers. I even spent a good five hours of Halloween in the library (but hey, there was candy corn).

And it's been getting cold - maybe a little too cold for hats that don't cover your ears. Which is why I might be posting other stuff besides hats up here. I have lots and lots of ideas...now if only that pile of papers would stop dominating my life...