Instagram's #MyStory Event

Instagram Japan was kind enough to include me in their #MyStory event, which focuses on stories by female Instagram community members. Fifteen Japanese women were featured, and Instagram Japan threw one awesome reception party last night. 

Thank you, Instagram Japan, for letting me participate in this event! It was awesome to see my work on display! 

My self-portrait!

The crowd.

The food.

The parents.

Everyone raise a phone!

Oh heyyyy.

Oh heyyyy.


Instagram's #DiscoverYourStory Exhibit at the Tate Modern

This past Monday, Instagram held a private exhibit at the Tate Modern of work by 45 artists and other creatives. I was lucky enough to be included, and recently got pictures of the event from Instagram. The set up was totally different from what I was expecting, and it looks like it was a huge success. Thank you again to Instagram for letting me participate in this exhibit!

[All photos by Instagram]

Work by @bobbugs

Work by @esposin

Work by @hellorayita

Work by @groehrs

Work by @hoodass

My portrait of Evidence!

Work by @pinot