officially an esquire!

"Mom, I passed." I said.
"I PASSED. The Massachusetts bar."


"See? Now don't you feel ashamed? For calling us crying hysterically so many times over the summer? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"
"Never mind. You passed. Congratulations. Now let me get your father."
For those like my mother, who apparently had no doubts [yet called me in August to tell me I should start studying for the February bar just in case], thank you. For those of you I called hysterically crying every week other day over the summer, I couldn't have done it without you. For those of you who came back to read the blog after a long hiatus at the height of the cycling season, thank you. And extra thank yous to everyone who bit my head off and chewed me out when I tried to back out of taking the bar ten days before the exam.
You guys [plus a few bikes] got me through possibly the worst summer of my life. You guys are the best!