march selection

There's been way too much to keep track of this month [yeah, yeah, in like that lion that was Milan-San Remo], but here are some personal favorites for the past month...
- Gokiso has engineered some amazing-looking hubs. Too bad they're also prohibitively expensive... [via Josh via Bike Rumor] - The sprint of the month. Points to Demare for being able to smack Sagan on the ass while sprinting him.

- Gatto, arm warmer and leg warmer-less, in freezing temperatures, is officially a badass:

- The Saitama Criterium by Le Tour de France will take place on October 26th. 50 riders are scheduled to start, a mix of top TDF finishers and domestic pros. This one's going to be good. - "A little yogurt right now would be great." - The Tour of Flanders looking like it went according to plan for Cancellara. - And, of course, this [via Josh]: