There Was a Meeting About This

The questionable advertising concepts I’ve recently come across that were apparently approved by a group of people.

1.    Pocky Squeeze

I understand they’re trying to suggest that these Pocky snacks taste like freshly squeezed fruit juice, but these resemble ball sack sweat and, well, butt sex.

2.    Takara Showroom Commercial

The premise here is that, like using too much shampoo, many homes use too much space in building out their bathrooms, both of which are wasteful. I suppose this is trying to show that Takara Standard, a manufacturer of system baths and kitchens, can use this space more effectively. Unfortunately, this commercial is best described by the words of a friend, who called it “jizz city.”

3.    Zexy’s Online Matchmaking Site Logo

A group of people who are paid to brand things apparently decided that the image of a woman bending over would be a great logo for an online matchmaking service.

4.    Tyrrell’s Potato Chips

Of all the places they could have photoshopped in a giant, red, phallic object, it had to be in this guy’s lap. At that angle. 


5.    Maro Hair Products Commercial

Just in case you were wondering how racially insensitive Japan is.