rolling in place

I don't deserve it so I'm trying not to take one.
A break, that is.
Because that'll free up time to think about things that fuel headaches and cramped shoulders. There's a lot to do in the next 48 hours...and after that I'll be looking at my final year of law school. It might be cause for celebration [although, when I finished my first year and claimed in a Facebook status message that I was "done," my sister pointedly asked how I could be done when I had two more years left], but I'm pretty sure I won't be getting sleep. It never ends, I suppose.
I have a summer to get into shape [and the past two weeks have wrecked havoc on my health], and hats to make, other favors, more projects, and all the other things I can't think about doing right now but I'll agree to do because I'm a total pushover.


So while some classmates are done with exams and will IM me claiming to be completely lost as to what to do with their lives, I'm scrambling. Tuesday, I'll finally be done with school for the year. Tuesday, the skin on my fingertips might finally stop peeling due to too much typing [gross but true]. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
It's something to look forward to, I guess. Still, that damn Tsunami Bomb lyric keeps running through my head on rides to school and back, when I'm zoning out, falling asleep in the library and desperately hoping my best friend will get back on gchat and IM me to keep me up.
"How long 'til I'm my own?"
How long, indeed.