I cannot stand not multi-tasking. If I'm working on hats, I have a DVD playing [due to lack of TV], IMing on the other laptop, and my sewing machine in the middle of the whole mess.
This is probably why I'm not nearly as efficient as I could be but hey, I only have so much free time. Might as well do all the fun stuff at once.
This isn't to be confused with being multi-talented, though. That's mostly my sister. My talents, if any, really, are rather limited. I just have the attention span of a 5 year old, and as weird as it sounds, I need distraction to stay focused.
But lately I've been meeting more of the multi-talented in Boston. People who manage to ride bikes fast and excel at all kinds of other things. Music and art seem to top the list; from woodwork to punk rock, it's all kinds of rad that people are actually capable of being passionate about something.

RMM and Natasha are two stellar examples of multi-talented, super awesome people. They're amazingly nice, into all kinds of cool stuff, and ridiculously down to earth. They're the kind of nice you actually believe; not the kind of nice where you immediately start wondering what the other person wants from you as you simultaneously back away and look for more interesting people to talk to. They're the kind of nice where - despite my social awkwardness and tendency to sometimes feel like I'm wasting people's time which they would rather be spending with cooler people - I feel totally comfortable chattering to them about ice cream cakes and photos.
Natasha even let me take this picture of the two of them wearing my hats [RMM won the heartbreaker hat contest] Friday night at the afterparty with her very complicated-looking camera. Aren't they just the cutest?
And with that fuzzy feeling of aw-that-couple-is-so-cute! and this gorgeous weather, I'm off to pay attention to the [Italian] love of my lifey.
[Make sure to check out all the photos Natasha took of the event...and the winner of my hat!]