10 things to never think about while doing an interval

1. The pain.2. "Only [any number greater than zero] more intervals/minutes/seconds to go!" 3. That last race where you felt worse, for longer, and still got your ass kicked 4. That wave of what would be called nausea if your next interval didn't start in 3...2...1...

5. How you were so bored doing "active recovery" the other day that you wished you had intervals to do 6. Shifting down 7. That you've been putting out 1 watt below your target watt range for the past 5 seconds 8. How your heartrate is some absurd number right now [yes, that's probably why you feel like you want to are going to die, but don't worry about it for now.] 9. How you have to go to work later/do anything other than puke and sleep, in that order

10. That you can't...because odds are [if I can pull through], you can.
Have a good weekend, guys!