july selection

It's been a struggle - physically and psychologically - to readjust to Tokyo after a week in Paris [really, can someone just import me there?], but here's some good stuff from this month, mostly inspired by Paris...
- This didn't happen in Paris, unfortunately, but so, so cool. [via Bike Rumor]

- The green [Sram] red goatee. Just because I got to see it. [picture by Brakethrough Media]

- Bicycle Spring Rolls from The Garum Factory? Oh, my YUM.

- Nico mentioned Spinlister when we did a little 4-year reunion in Paris. For cities without bike share programs, it looks like a fun, easy way to get around town while traveling. Fingers crossed they have some tiny bikes listed...

- And because my trip wasn't all about cycling, I stumbled on a little taste of Japan while I was there too, in the form of Claire Naa's jewelry. I've fallen in love with her stuff.

More soon!