may selection

Honestly, nothing can beat Adam Hansen's Giro stage win this month, but here's some other good stuff that's happened between Giro stages:
- Shoes. I love them. A great collection of what was ridden in the Giro this year [scroll down].

- If that's not enough, Swiss company Gaerne is offering limited edition Fabian Cancellara model shoes. Complete with gold-embossed initials. [Priced at 35,700 yen.] [via Cyclowired.]

- For those who love the track and want a taste of Japanese keirin as experienced by Shane Perkins, the five-part "Ryokou" series [meaning "journey" in Japanese] is a must watch.

- The definition of outrageously sexy, in a mechanical kind of way: a 64g Dura-Ace derailleur. Yeah. [via Bike Rumor.]

- And for cycling's third discipline, Honey is offering some awesome, very limited edition "Cross is Boss" bikes. Only 20 will be made so put your order in by, like, tomorrow.

And now for June!