thanks for the suffering

While reliable and widely-read cycling news sources were reporting on the twenty of so podium hopefuls for Milan-San Remo [“___________ wishes/hopes/ for Milan-San Remo,” as Josh put it], they failed to notice the obvious. That there were a massive number of total babes on the start list. Adam Hansen [do you have to ask?], Bernie Eisel, Tom Boonen [...does he really have "cat lover" in his Twitter profile?], Heinrich Haussler [assuming he’s stopped frosting his tips], John Degenkolb [also, what is it with the collection of babes that were on HTC?]… With a list that long full of smoking hot dudes, you’d think the race would have been super steamy.

Twitter proved me wrong, with pictures that made the race look like it totally sucked. To race, that is. To watch your favorite hotties get all wet and cold…call me sadistic [or maybe just opportunistic] but that’s an ideal set-up for seduction [“Need help warming up post-race? I think I can help you with that…”].

Turchino and Le Manie out? Yeah, I know, kind of anti-climactic so to speak. But watching Sky try to stay on their bikes was hilarious...and I was just happy there were that many hot [shivering] dudes, on bikes, in one race. So the point of this post? Mostly just a thank you for the suffering done for my own objectifying amusement. Seriously. Especially to that guy on Sky Puccio who almost ran down the Poggio descent without his bike, after trying to remount.
Now, onto Catalunya…!