I'm sure most of you who read this are fully aware of how disgusting it is outside.
When I left this morning, the snow was coming down in all it's pretty white flutteriness. There was just enough on the ground to make the commute kinda messy, but there wasn't any slipping and sliding involved.

I figured the fun part would come later in the afternoon with a predicted 5-8 inches of snow. Hauling my ass up Heartbreak Hill in that kind of snow? Come on, what's not to love?
And then the weather decided to turn legitimately disgusting. I got drenched on the way home. Not so much because of the rain, but because of the huge puddles that formed along Comm Ave, and the cars that decided it would be a great idea to race through them.
I think my toes are finally thawing. Ride safe - and stay warm!