party dresses and piercings

For most of my life, all I ever wanted to be was a fashion designer. I ended up in law school instead. Yeah, long story which involves, among other things, my realization that I wasn't talented enough, my eternal status as the less talented sibling, and sheer spinelessness and terror at taking a chance and jumping into an industry with little stability. It's a choice that I still regret.
Needless to say, this love of making and designing clothes translated easily into buying and acquiring clothes. And shoes. And bags. And accessories.
But when I met the other love of my life [the bike, obviously, not a boy], fashion design sort of faded away. I find spandex more comfortable than Marc Jacobs. I'm so awkward that I know I'll fall and shred one of my vintage shirts if I ever tried riding in them. And heels + bike can only = complete disaster and lots of blood.

When my best friend - who has several closets I would kill a few puppies for - heard my excuses, her response was:
"This whole bike riding's really getting in the way of you bringing sexy back."
So the goal this year - other than the whole "riding no handed and being able to do trackstands and all the other basic stuff that other normal people can do" - is to ride in a skirt. And figure out a way to wear my earrings with a helmet strapped to my head. And not lose them.

Because, even if it's to bring sexy back, I will be seriously pissed if I lose my Vivienne Westwood earrings.