caps, bottles, and golden saddle cyclery

When Kyle handed me a cycling cap as a gift from L.A., I had no idea as to the awkwardness that would follow. A friend and riding buddy had recently opened the shop, he told me, and it was definitely worth a visit. He told me about the Intelligentsia logo on the underside of the brim, and promised to send me a matching water bottle.

“Oh, so I walked into the shop one day,” he then added, “and that picture of you, the one with the Rapha scarf? That was tiled as the computer desktop background.”
“...That’s.......awkward...,” I managed.

Despite the knee jerk mental promise to never set foot inside Golden Saddle Cyclery in L.A. without some sort of convincing disguise, since receiving the matching [Purist] water bottle, I’ve turned that promise around on its head. I’d go to L.A. just to see this shop.
They stock tons of cool stuff, and have a pretty awesome blog. Watch out Golden Saddle Cyclerly, I’ll be paying a visit one of these days…