weekend in pictures: feb 4-5

Started the weekend with Setsubun, or the Bean-Throwing Ceremony, to celebrate the beginning of spring [according to the old Japanese calendar]. The tradition involves throwing a handful of fukumame [literally "lucky beans," but really just roasted soybeans] outside while shouting "Oni wa soto!" ["Demons outside!"], then throwing a handful of beans into your house while yelling, "Fuku wa uchi!" ["Luck inside!"]. I understand this may come of as crazy person talk [throwing anything into your house, shouting about luck and demons, sounds like a guaranteed way to get yourself committed], but it's a fun tradition. This year our fukumame came mixed with kompeito [small, colorful sugar drops] and mini rakugan [another traditional Japanese confectionary made of rice flour and sugar]. I tried not to pour that entire container into my mouth in one sitting. Tried.

Ride jealousy also got me outside for the first time in months, predictably overdressed.

And I once again proved how much of a sucker I am for marketing that involves the color pink and bad Photoshopping [note the "ampre" team name].

Hope you guys got some riding in this weekend!