When I was younger, I [irrationally?] feared having a squat, ugly nose [I'm Asian, so the fears might not have been completely irrational]. I remember trying to relate this concern to my mother, who suggested I keep a clothespin on my nose to "train" it to become pointy.
She was joking, but I was five. I actually did it, although for about 5 minutes at a time. Because, hello, it hurts.
I mentioned this to my mother a few years ago who a) didn't even remember that this had happened, and b) concluded with "well, it worked, didn't it?"
I guess.
But those same irrational fears are coming up again. In the frigid cold Boston's been experiencing lately, my balaclava's coming in pretty handy. Except...it squishes my nose.

This is sort of unacceptable. What if my nose now regresses, and becomes more squat? I don't have clothespins here! Now that I'm older, do I have to keep the clothespin on for longer? Which clothespin should I be using?
This is all very frustrating and troublesome. It's good to know, though, that that nice, thick layer of fat that's grown on me since I've moved to Boston, and the fact that I'm ridiculously out of shape, are coming in handy for dealing with this weather. Both are keeping me warm enough to pull down that pesky balaclava a third of the way into my commute.
Thank God, really, because with this economy, my dowry really can't take any more hits.