a charming commuter

My favorite black ballet flats, a vintage Dior shirt-dress, a pair of square gold earrings repossessed from my Mom, a vintage dark green Loewe handbag from the same source, and black leggings.
Oh, and my favorite Miu Miu shades.
Plus a bright red cruiser.
Rides to school, the store, the coffee shop are effortlessly stylish.
Yeah, right.
The [sad] reality actually consists of layers of socks, Underarmour, fleece zip-ups, and some legit Pearl Izumi gloves. Sweat also makes a consistent appearance; and while I may be able to get up Heartbreak Hill with a laptop and some casebooks on my back, the gasping for breath at the top of that hill is definitely not stylish.
Although, to be fair, this would probably totally clash on a red cruiser:

My Mom, paranoid that my bike commuting will eventually get me killed, bought me a commuter safety charm. Lucky me that it was dark green, matches my bike, and is small enough to fit underneath the seat without me having to raise it.