bella biciclette

For a smaller city, Boston has its fair share of good bike shops. As a semi-crazed law student looking for distraction in the form of bike porn, I've hung out at quite a few shops...and made some pretty awesome friends in the process.
One shop that I clearly love above all others in this city is Superb. Managed by the always-stylish Jason, Superb was one of two places [the other being Cafe Fixe] that I could go to even in the psychological whirlwind of studying for the bar. At Superb, there's guaranteed to be new stuff to see, good company, and fun times.
Which sort of sucks because 1. Superb's having an awesome event this Saturday and 2. I won't be able to go.


Called "Bella Biciclette," Superb is hosting an exhibit of vintage 70s, 80s, and 90s bicycles, all of which will be on sale. An RSVP-only event, formal dress is also encouraged...which chafed even more because I LOVE getting dressed up for [bike-related] events. There's even a "hot bike" contest which I would totally be eligible for because I didn't enter in last year's. Argh!
My self-pitying aside, this is something definitely worth checking out. RSVP, go, and report back!
More deets at Superb...