It started, like most things should, at a bike shop.

An offer to trade a handmade cycling cap for a handprinted t-shirt, a coincidental trip already planned to New York City from Boston, and a recommended bike shop. A little luck, too, and two cups of good espresso. And an idea was born.

Three weeks of agonizing, sighing, and bickering between near perfect strangers and we had a name:


Three weeks more and here it is. A joint venture between Mike Spriggs of Gage & Desoto and myself. Two co-conspirators with an unhealthy obsession with cycling and Phil’s grease. And style. Always style.

No wonder a proposal to design one t-shirt together grew into four designs, then a new website, then a new line. We're even focusing on the girls. Because one can never have enough t-shirts.

Check it out here. Because you know you want one.