Here's Johnny!

Happy Halloween!

Film: The Shining (1980)

Subject: Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance

Materials used: Oreos*

*I tried to use rum raisins (raisins are listed as some of the things in the pantry, plus that whole "red rum" thing), but I couldn't get the level of detail I wanted with the raisins. I reverted to Oreos instead because they're pretty easy to manipulate and I could get the shadows really, really dark.

Hiroshima Carps!

A late congratulations to my favorite Japanese baseball team for winning the Central League pennant this past Saturday!

Subject: Hiroshima Carps pitcher Hiroki Kuroda

Materials used: momiji manjyu (a sweet red bean paste filled sponge cake, shaped like a Japanese maple leaf, famously sold around Hiroshima)