Tears and tennis

I anticipated this month as being a busy one, filled with le Tour and cheering on my favorite tennis player, Kei Nishikori, at the Wimbledon. I excitedly spent the last week planning a video around green tea and tennis balls.

And then, at 9pm last night, while I was doing acrobatics around a plate, a tripod, and a cheap lightbox, Nishikori pulled out of the Wimbeldon due to an injury. I almost cried. 

This means I won't be spending my entire day in front of the TV this month. I'm still weeping, though. 

Athlete: tennis player Kei Nishikori

Materials used: green tea leaves

And a quick video of the same: 

Cookies 'n Creed

Inspired by Sam Smith's latest Acro Velo, I wanted to draw Mike Creed but had no idea what to draw him in. Sam offered to do some covert ops which went something like this:

Sam: Hmmm I know he loves kombucha but I don't know how that would work. Want me to ask him? I won't tell him why I'm asking.

Me: Sure that would be awesome!

Sam: He said Thai...is that enough?

Me: ...Thai? What about like, snack food?

Sam: He just said "cookies." And then didn't respond when I asked what kind. 

Me: Ahahahahaha oh man, he sounds so awesome. 

So cookies it was! And I highly recommend all of Sam's Acro Velo videos; the first one with Mike Creed is pretty great

Cyclist/DS: Michael Creed

Materials used: crushed cookies