spreading the love: tom boonen

A cookie fit for a Classics king [and possibly a five-time Paris-Roubaix winner].

Cyclist: Tom Boonen

Materials used: crushed Belgian Treasure brand speculoos cookies. Yes, this super cheesy Bruno Mars song was running through my head while I did this:


- You can get a lot of mileage out of one speculoos cookie [is that the Belgian secret?].

[The full Flickr set for this project is here.]

food art: louis c.k.

I couldn't resist painting a guy who never fails to make me laugh. 

Subject: Louis C.K.

Occupation: Comedian

Materials used: Sriracha chili garlic sauce


- "Everything that's difficult, you should be able to laugh about." - Louis C.K.

spreading the love: fabian cancellara

You gotta love Spartacus.

Cyclist: Fabian Cancellara

Materials used: melted Lindt Swiss milk chocolate


- This facial hair trend in the pro peloton is killing me.

[The full Flickr set for this project is here.]

spreading the love: greg lemond

An Americain classic. 

Cyclist: Greg Lemond

Materials used: Skippy creamy peanut butter, Smuckers Concord grape jelly


- Running around Tokyo trying to find grape jelly was totally, totally worth it.

[The full Flickr set for this project is here.]