november selection

Being really super sick means this one's going to be short and sweet! - The Invisible Bicycle Helmet project. Super inspiring.

- Ilse Hendrickx randomly found me on Flickr and apparently takes some amazing cycling photography. Go check out her stuff here.

- And because I have a secret crush on mountain biking. And because this just made me smile.

And it's on to December!

october selection

All the treats from last month...
- I've never been into wooden bikes, but a Tokyo shipwright making pretty bikes? I like this man's versatility. [via T Magazine]

- "Ride with people who are excited, happy" and lots more food for thought in this interview by Velonews with Tim Johnson.

- The Cannondale p/b Team has a video out, with more coming soon! It's really well done. Go watch.

- And because I could happily live in Lululemon for the rest of my life, even if I'm not an indoor spinner [if only these Ride Inside Crop pants had some super invisible low profile chamois...]

- And if yoga pants don't turn you on, this should:

On to November...!

september selection

Work's been kind of hectic the past two weeks [hence the lack of posting], but here are a few highlights [well, the ones that didn't involve Lotto-Belisol trains] for the month:
- The 300 not on 100. So jealous. Wish I had been there!

- Le-N-lo: possibly the best $299 modification you could ever add to your bike.

- ...Sorry, I LOL'ed:

- This month's boner killer: proof that Degenkolb has been doing nothing but eating kuchen between the TDF and World's. [Thanks, Josh.]

Andddd I'm headed to NYC in a few hours for a week of coffee, bikes, friends, and CX. See you guys on the other side!

august selection

A day late, but I've been playing catch-up all month!
- The scent of a female cyclist...?

- Mission Workshop's Orion jacket looks awesome, and is definitely triggering some jealousy [no womens'sizes???]. But as a friend pointed out, "how do they expect to sell a $415 jacket with a bike set up like that?"

- For amazing [cycling-related, of course,] photography, check out Chris Milliman's redesigned blog.

- Shoes of Eurobike 2013. Because, well, shoes.

- And I'll be daydreaming of the Muro di Sormano today as I head into work, courtesy of this amazing video by the talented Grubers:

Muro di Sormano from Jered Gruber on Vimeo.

Have a great day, guys!

july selection

It's been a struggle - physically and psychologically - to readjust to Tokyo after a week in Paris [really, can someone just import me there?], but here's some good stuff from this month, mostly inspired by Paris...
- This didn't happen in Paris, unfortunately, but so, so cool. [via Bike Rumor]

- The green [Sram] red goatee. Just because I got to see it. [picture by Brakethrough Media]

- Bicycle Spring Rolls from The Garum Factory? Oh, my YUM.

- Nico mentioned Spinlister when we did a little 4-year reunion in Paris. For cities without bike share programs, it looks like a fun, easy way to get around town while traveling. Fingers crossed they have some tiny bikes listed...

- And because my trip wasn't all about cycling, I stumbled on a little taste of Japan while I was there too, in the form of Claire Naa's jewelry. I've fallen in love with her stuff.

More soon!

june selection

Is it already July?
It's been a pretty quiet June, but here are some highlights:
- How Sagan parks his bike. So, so good:

- If you wanted to go a little higher and, say, fly, then head to Prague:

- Low tech: French bikes made of plywood. All that's missing is a cute basket... [via Bikerumor]

- Hi tech: Ridley's new Dean FAST, Lotto-Belisol's new TT bike for the TDF. [via Bikeradar]

- Andre Greipel is the new German national champ!

- Adam [Hansen]'s new shoes for le Tour [the other foot has red lettering]. Yup.

[More writing soon, I promise!]